There are two types of archery we focus on at Wearmouth Archers, Target Archery and Field Archery.

The descriptions below are from Archery GB.

Target Archery

Target archery is the type of archery practiced at the Olympics, and is the version most beginners learn first. Archers shoot a set number of arrows at targets set at specified distances on a flat surface. It can take place either indoors or outdoors.

Field Archery

A field archery course is set up over woodland and rough terrain. Archers shoot a specified number of arrows at different targets in sequence. Archers might have to shoot uphill or downhill, and the targets could be different sizes and at different distances so anyone taking part has to really think about what they are doing. Field archery is a great way of keeping fit and enjoying the outdoors.

Further Information on the other types of archery can be found on the Archery GB website.


Archery GB have produced a basic guide to equipment which you can find here. If you choose to attend one of our beginners courses, all of the equipment you need will be provided while you attend.

Types of Bow

Common bows used within our club (descriptions from wikipedia):

Recurve bow: a bow with the tips curving away from the archer. The curves straighten out as the bow is drawn and the return of the tip to its curved state after release of the arrow adds extra velocity to the arrow.[39]

Longbow: a self bow with limbs rounded in cross-section, about the same height as the archer so as to allow a full draw, usually over 5 feet (1.5 metres) long. The traditional English longbow was usually made of yew wood, but other woods are also used.

Flatbow: the limbs are approximately rectangular in cross-section. This was traditional in many Native American societies and was found to be the most efficient shape for bow limbs by American engineers in the 20th century.

Compound bow: a bow with mechanical aids to help with drawing the bowstring. Usually, these aids are pulleys at the tips of the limbs.

We do not allow the use of crossbows at our club.